Vertical type plastic injection molding machine

TA-201 Program Controller

Control  Panel 

PC Board


1.   Computer program Control, easy to change M/C function,only change program IC

2.    All input switch and out put has ˇ§LEDˇ¨ indicator, easy for inspecting and maintaining.

3.    4-7/sec Timers is digital precision

4.    Power of main board is AC60V~AC260V, short time (0.5s) ups ,the function with standard short time power interrupt.

5.    Output board has relay socket, easy change relay only change damaged relay ,low maintain cost

6.    Main board is logic electrical circuit ,no relay contact reliable

7.    Main board has DC 5v ,DC 12v short protection

8.    ˇ§Timer-Counterˇ¨ module has multi-function, easy to use membrane circunt,4 pieces of Timers and pre-setting counter

9.    Multi-function of ˇ§Timer-Counterˇ¨ module includes

  • Timers

  • Counter

  • Counter on/off

  • Circulating timer

  •  Indicator of breakdown

10 Main board and output board is reliable.

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