Vertical type plastic injection molding machine

       FA Computer LCD monitor N C  Controller

  • Using high speed 16Bit CPU

  • 320*240 or 240*128 pixels LCD display

  • Graphic mode display, bilingual for English and    second foreign language are selectable on panel.

  • Data locked by hardware & software to avoid improper setting.

  • Fully machine running status display on screen, alarm status display, etc.

  • Main system rack installed common Bus board, easy pull of boards.

  • 4 channels A/D ,2 channels D/A ˇ]D/A 4 channels for optionalˇ^8 Zones of temperature control, Auto tuning P.I.D. with high accuracy and response. Expand to 12 zones for optional.

  • Data memory-- up to 60 sets of data memory.

  • Thermocouple break alarm function or Heater Break alarm function.

  • Software calibration of potentiometer, easy and quick.

  • Pressure, Speed linear calibration provides an accurate output signal to proportional valve control.

  • Pulse counter 1000 pulse per second or up to 10,000 pulse per second is available for optional.

  • Input and output signal monitoring screen.

  • 4 steps injection, 4 step hold pressure with individual pressure and speed setting. Hold pressure switching functions selected by Timer or Position.

  • Auto mold height adjustmentˇFauto lubricationˇFauto purge functions provided

  • Every action with independent slope and delay time setting.

  • CE approved


Displacement transducer (Made in Italy)


Proportional hydraulic control system
  • If customer select with FA Computer LCD monitor N C  Controller, the molding machine will   equip  with Displacement transducer & Proportional hydraulic control system.


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